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Making a booking

Making a booking is straight-forward and in most cases can be done online. The procedure, however, differs for single bookings and regular, repeat users.

Single bookings

For one-off bookings, you can quickly and easily make your booking online using this website. While there is opportunity within the booking system to inform us of your requirements, we strongly advise that if your event is more complicated, for example, a wedding reception, that you contact us to discuss your needs before booking.

To make an online booking, please follow the steps on the How to make an online booking page or follow the instructions on the Calendar page.

Regular, repeat bookings

If you wish to block-book a regular time, perhaps on behalf of a club, society or group, it is not possible to make your bookings online. Please contact us so that we can discuss your requirements, apply the reduced rates available for frequent users and invoice you in the most convenient way for both you and the Institute.

  • The main entrance Image © Embsay with Eastby Village Institute
  • Waiting for the bus Image © Embsay with Eastby Village Institute
  • Dancing the night away Image provided by Embsay-with-Eastby News
  • Decorated for a wedding breakfast Image © Rachel Gee; used with kind permission
  • Serving afternoon tea Image kindly provided by Barbara Kipling