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Calendar of bookings

The month-to-view calendar showing bookings of the Vilage Institute appears below.

  • You can move to different months using the controls above the calendar;
  • Today's date is displayed in slighly larger bold, red text;
  • Where no bookings have been made on a day, the date is displayed in a box with a grey background;
  • Where bookings exist on a particular day, the date is displayed in a box with a green background;
  • Any bookings made on bank holidays are subject to an additional charge. Bank holidays are shown with a diagonal striped background (green if bookings exist, grey if there are no bookings).
  • To see the individual bookings on a particular day, click on the date in the calendar, the bookings made on that day will be listed in the box to the right of the calendar.

If you wish to proceed with making a booking, please see the 'Booking Enquiry' form below the calendar.

August 2019

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18 August 2019

No bookings have been made on 18 August 2019

Make a booking enquiry

If you with to start the process of making a booking, please complete the form below and press the 'Check if your booking is available' button.

If the booking you require is available, you will be directed to a page containing confirmation of availability, cost of the booking (subject to no subsequent changes being made to it) and the booking form. Alternatively, you will be returned to this form and asked to amend the details and re-submit.

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