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EMBSAY WITH EASTBYvillage instituteEmbsay and Eastby's village hall

How to make an online booking

To make an online booking for a one-off, single booking, please follow the following steps:

  1. View the bookings calendar to see if the room you require is available when you need it;
  2. If the room(s) required appear to be available on the calendar, please complete the 'Make a booking enquiry' form below the calendar;
    there are two possible outcomes from this enquiry:
    1. Room(s) are available: you will be directed to a page containing confirmation of availability, cost of the booking (subject to no subsequent changes being made to it) and the booking form.
    2. Room(s) are not available: you will be returned to the 'Make a booking enquiry' form - please amend the details and re-submit;
  3. Complete the booking form with as much detail as possible and submit using the 'Save booking to the calendar' button;
    there are two possible outcomes from subm,itting this form:
    1. Errors made in the form: all questions must be answered in this form - if you have not answered them all or have made any errors, you will be returned to it with omissions or errors indicated for correction.
    2. Form completed correctly: your booking has been accepted subject to you agreeing to the conditions of hire as laid out in the Contract of Hire and Standard Conditions of Hire of the Village Institute documents.
  4. Check the details of your booking on the 'Booking Accepted' page; read the Institute's Conditions of Hire - these can be viewed on a separate web page or downloaded as a PDF document; Tick the box at the bottom of the page to indicate that you have read and agree with the Institute's Conditions of Hire before pressing the 'Complete the booking' button to finalise your booking and save it to the calendar;
  5. Your booking is now complete, confirmed and saved in the calendar; on this page you can view or download the following documents:
    • the Contract of Hire for your booking;
    • the Institute's Standard Conditions of Hire;
    • your Invoice for your booking.
    These documents will also have been emailed to you and payment instructions are provided on the Invoice.
  • The main entrance Image © Embsay with Eastby Village Institute
  • Waiting for the bus Image © Embsay with Eastby Village Institute
  • Dancing the night away Image provided by Embsay-with-Eastby News
  • Decorated for a wedding breakfast Image © Rachel Gee; used with kind permission
  • Serving afternoon tea Image kindly provided by Barbara Kipling