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Terms and Conditions of hire

When you make a booking, you will be asked to agree to the Institute's terms and conditions of hire that are a key detail of the Contract of Hire that is made between you and the Institute. This Contract consists of:

  • the details of your booking - date, time, rooms booked and what you will be using them for;
  • the cost of the hire;
  • the Institute's Standard Conditions of Hire;
  • some additional notes that relate to several practical aspects of your booking.

The Institute's Standard Conditions of Hire can be viewed on the Standard Conditions of Hire page. They can also be downloaded as a PDF file from there.

The additional notes from the Contract are as follows:

  1. When filling in the booking form you have had the opportunity to tell us about any special instructions for the caretaker when setting up the room. If you have any further requirements, please complete the booking and then email or phone us to discuss you requirements further.
  2. It is the caretaker's responsibility to only clear tables and chairs. All other tidying up must be done by the hirer within the time booked.
  3. Our Public Liability Insurance does not give full or public or product liability cover to commercial or other business users.
  4. Once you have completed the booking process, below, an invoice will be displayed and either available for download or emailed to you. Payment instructions will be given on the invoice.

Booking information