Clubs & Groups

Many local clubs, societies and groups make the Institute their home, meeting regularly in either the main hall or supper room. All frequent users of the Institute who make block bookings are entitled to reduced hire charges, see the charges page for further details.

Rehearsal of the U3A Orchestra
Embsay with Eastby Annual Show
Carpet bowls in the main hall
Parking is just across the road
A fair trade pop-up shop and café
Ready for New Beginnings

We are keen to meet the specific requirements of our regular users, for example, we are able to provide storage space for some frequent users and have worked with some groups to purchase specific equipment that they need, for example lighting equipment for Embsay Players, which then may be available, by negotiation, with other users of the Institute.

The Institute’s facilities are suitable for a wide range of activities, both active and relaxed, small and large. A list of some of the groups who meet at the Institute and which rooms they use follows below. This may give you an idea of whether the hall or supper room might meet your organisation’s needs.

Many frequent user groups have a representative on the Institute’s Management Committee, thus having a say in how the Institute is run and resourced.

The Institute is also used regularly for art classes, exercise classes, yoga instruction and pilates.

If you think that the Institute might be suitable for your organisation, please contact us to discuss your requirements. Should you wish to make a block booking, please do not use the online booking system as this can only handle single bookings. Rather, get in touch and we will be pleased to help.